Continuing Their Celebrity Artist Spree, Red Hot Chili Peppers Hire Mr. Brainwash for Street Art Promotion

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(Photo: Gregory Bojorquez)

As we reported a few days back, the regrouped Red Hot Chili Peppers recently unveiled the cover of their forthcoming album, sharing that it had been designed by none other than Damien Hirst. Now they’re apparently continuing on their path of hiring celebrity artists to market their materials, as TMZ, found by way of ArtInfo, reports that they band has gotten Mr. Brainwash, aka Thierry Guetta, to promote the album by way of street art. According to the gossip site, Guetta “wouldn’t specify how much he’s getting paid for the gig, but tells us, his job is far from done…in fact, he and RHCP are teaming up on several more projects.” That extra income is sure to be good for the artist, made famous in the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, following the recently-lost copyright suit against him brought on by photographer Glen Friedman. So why did the band ultimately decide to go with Guetta, as his artistic brand is less than stellar following both that recent lawsuit and his not coming off so well in the very film that made him a household name? Our guess is that Banksy just decided long ago that he was a one band-that-was-at-its-most-famous-in-the-90s man and would only work with them. And after all of this hiring of celebrity artists, we think the Guardian hit the nail on the head when they write, “All they need now is a music video by Matthew Barney.”