Consumer Reports Light-Bulb Ratings Free On Facebook

Consumer Reports for the first time ever will provide free content on Facebook -- but it's reviews of light bulbs.

A light bulb went off as Consumer Reports began preparing its “2011 Guide to Light Bulbs.”

The “2011 Guide to Light Bulbs” will appear in the October issue of Consumer Reports, which will be available on newsstands September 6.

The magazine’s online content is usually available to subscribers only, protected by a paywall.

However, starting Tuesday, the 2011 Guide to Lightbulbs will be available via the Consumer Reports Facebook page, and users of the social network who like the page will be able to download the entire report.

The release of the “2011 Guide to Light Bulbs via the social network marks the first time ratings from Consumer Reports will be available online free-of-charge to non-subscribers.

The magazine’s Facebook page was creeping up on 100,000 likes at the time of this post.

We can’t help but wondering, however: If Consumer Reports‘ aim is to boost its Facebook fan count or engagement rate, shouldn’t the publication have picked a sexier subject than light bulbs?

Readers, what kind of content would you like to see on Consumer Reports’ content Facebook page?

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