Why Consistency Is The Key To Success On Twitter

One of the most important habits everybody using Twitter needs to adopt as early as possible is the habit of consistency.

This is true for personal accounts and brands, and it comes in two flavours – consistency in the things that you say, and consistency in how often you say them.

In other words: who you are, and what (and how often) you tweet about it, should be a constant.

Your ‘voice’ on Twitter is the most important thing you own. And it is a possessive – it’s your voice, your style and your attitude. Nobody can take that away from you. But if your behaviour moves all over the place then this won’t matter, as it’s only the chaotic who are typically drawn to chaos. Most people want something to hold on to, and you need consistency in your voice to make your profile sticky – otherwise, it will be all too easy for others to let you go.

You also need to be consistent in how often you tweet. Everybody has a comfortable tweets per day equilibrium that starts to feel natural after they’ve been on Twitter for a while. It took me over two years, but I got there eventually. This is a supply and demand relationship – for maximum stickiness (and profit, both in terms of engagement and, for brands, ROI), the point at which you are comfortable tweeting needs to align almost perfectly with the point at which people are comfortable reading your tweets. That might be ten tweets a day, or it might be two. The number itself, inasmuch as a ‘best practices’ guide, is less important than figuring out what the balance is. If either side is out of whack you’re going to encounter resistance.

Being consistent doesn’t mean being boring. You should absolutely feel free to go crazy and swing away. And if that’s who you are, and what people expect, then it’s imperative that you behave this way most (perhaps all) of the time. There are always limits, and it pays to educate yourself on the norms and customs both within Twitter and your immediate network.

Bottom line? You don’t have to change your behaviour on Twitter – just be consistent about the way that you behave.

(Journey image via Shutterstock.)

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