Conservative Group Sues Its Own Supporters for Facebook Group

A couple of conservative supporters thought they were doing their party a good deed when they went and created the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) 2009 group on Facebook. Well apparently it didn’t work out too well when the creator of the group received the following threatening letter:

Hi Beau,

The chairman of the American Conservative Union Foundation has decided to pursue legal action with Facebook to get your CPAC 2009 group removed. Just wanted to let you know because I don’t know if they automatically disable groups during when legal complaints are brought.


Rather than choose sides as to whether or not the group is a good idea, what I will say is that it was a dumb idea for the ACU (American Conservative Union) to sue their own supporters. It’s no wonder that left-leaning groups have so much more support on the site …. they aren’t supporting their own people! I recently covered brands that were filing complaints with users that had created their own brand pages.

Sam Huelatt, who had created a Ralph Lauren page, received a letter directly from Ralph Lauren notifying him that they would send him a $200 gift certificate for setting up the page. This is the smart way to play it, not suing your supporters.