ConnectU Continues to Haunt Zuckerberg

The long-standing battle between ConnectU and Facebook has been revived once again. According to a release by Bloomberg late last week, a “decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals in Boston revived a 2004 suit by ConnectU Inc. founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss that was dismissed last year on procedural grounds.” Additionally, “The case may be joined with a second lawsuit by the Winklevosses that accuses Zuckerberg of copyright infringement, breach of contract, fraud and theft of trade secrets.”

Ouch! This appears to simply be another thorn in the side of Mark Zuckerberg. Neither company replied to an inquiry by Erik Larson at Bloomberg. There is also no statement as to what instigated the court of appeals decision. Guess it simply took a while for the appeals court to respond since the last we heard about ConnectU was back in February. At this point it appears to be a bunch of legal back and forth but it is obvious that the ConnectU brothers aren’t going to back down.

The best that the brothers could hope for at this point is a settlement. For a site which never gained much traction, a small payout would be a great conclusion to years during which there was more legal activity on their end then actual programming.