Connect to Your Facebook Friends via Social.IM

socialim_title.gifEver wanted to know what’s going on with your Facebook without opening another explorer browser? Be it to know what your friends are up to, or whether somebody pokes you or send you a funwall? You can do these things even with going into your Facebook profile using Social.IM.socialim_client.jpgSocial IM is a Facebook instant messenger client that lets you chat through a normal IM client. It’s like bringing your Facebook experience in the your desktop. If you have set your message notification in Google and Yahoo mail accounts and receives a notification when a new message arrives into your email accounts, Social.IM does the same for your Facebook account. You get to receive notification which you can set to have a sound or not whenever an activity happens in your Facebook profile.

Social.IM makes Facebook’s not-so-real chat facility into real-time chat. The beauty of this Facebook app is that you can now stay connected with your Facebook friends 24/7, for as long as you have a desktop or laptop.

Social.IM can be easily installed into your desktop. After downloading the applications, you will be asked to login to your Facebook account, then it will fire up the Social.IM tool. It is indeed a pretty useful tool, although it would have better if a mobile IM client is also available. Now, that’s going to be neat!