Condimania! What’s French for “my not-so-good friend”?

france8.gifThe AP reports that helmet-haired diplo-superstar Condi Rice has “deepened the friendship” with Europeans, if we’re to believe the EU’s foreign affairs head Javier Solana. Apparently, Condi’s new counterpart in France called her “my good friend” (that’s ma chere amie, and three kisses to the cheek, to you and me).


The AP drank the Kool-Aid, wethinks: No quote in the story from the wary Germans, who insisted, as late as two days ago, on being heard in Iraqi matters. And let’s not forget Jacques Chirac, who still maintains that Europe be an “alternative” power bloc to the U.S. and who won’t be inviting Bush to the Elysee for tea anytime soon. Next time, just place a call to the new Spanish PM, or to all the angry Labor backbenchers who would sooner see Condi’s upcurled neck than her face, any time.