Condé Threatened to Walk From 1 WTC Deal Over Cafeteria Vent

The executives at Condé Nast love their cafeterias so much that they almost nixed the deal to move to 1 World Trade Center over it. According to The New York Post, the company demanded that its cafeteria have a special vent  – which cost about $1 million to install – or it wouldn’t rent the space from Port Authority.

Port Authority was annoyed because not only would it have to redo the system for just one company, the vent – at one story tall and 25 feet wide – was going to be quite the eyesore.

Condé wanted the special vent so that it could avoid maintenance costs that the other tenants will garner using the ventilation system that is already installed in 1 WTC. FishbowlNY imagines that the irony of seeking cost-cutting measures for an insanely lavish food court was not lost on Condé, but you never know.

Of course Condé got its way and the vent is now being built. Let’s just hope that whatever the chefs in that cafeteria end up cooking makes it worth all the trouble. We’re thinking meatloaf laced with gold.