Condè Nast Editors Get Opportunity to Win Sales Prize

Condè Nast editors have earned a new opportunity to grab a company award, as the magazine publisher has decided to reward its editors for thinking up a great business idea. Now, the publisher or editor that thinks of the best idea will get credits for travel, a perk typically set aside for sales staff.

Mediaweek reports that the company also is thinking of allowing editors to speak at the next publisher’s meeting, which have always been reserved for the sales group. It’s just another sign of the changing times in the old media world.

“You have to respect church and state, but you also have to know you’re going to get through,” said Haworth Marketing + Media president Andrea Luhtanen to Mediaweek. “I like the credibility that has, but they’ve got to change with the times.”

No word on how much of a credit the editors will get for travel, but although Condè needs to be careful, why not reward editors for bringing more money into the fold? Just don’t let it cloud their editorial judgment, and you could have another motivated employee working to find revenue. They should be rewarded for that.