Conan To Field Fans Facebook Questions On YouTube

Conan O’Brien is taking a hint from Jimmy Fallon’s social media proficiency, taking to the virtual streets of the social web to promote his new TBS show online. Though he’s still only following one person on Twitter, and only sends out one tweet per day, he’s beefing up his social media repertoire on Facebook and YouTube. Last month, Conan used YouTube to announce the name of his new show, and now he has announced that he will be fielding Facebookers’ questions on the video site.

Yesterday a new YouTube video appeared on the Team Coco Facebook page, in which Conan lets his fans know that they can ask him a question (any question!) and he will answer in another YouTube video. Viewers can ask Conan questions by posting comments on the video post on the Team Coco page. Just don’t ask Conan what his favorite color is. He doesn’t have one.

The launch date of Conan’s official answer video has yet to be announced, just that it will be sometime “in the weeks ahead”, but we’ll be sure to update you when it goes up. I’m interested to see what other YouTube, Facebook and social media shenanigans Conan has up his sleeve before the launch of his new show in November. Check out Conan’s video below and let us know in the comments – what would you ask Conan? I’m going to ask him if he wants to hang up a picture of my dog in a shirt in his office, to spruce things up a bit. Think he’ll do it?