Conan Appears On Martha


Conan O’Brien appeared on Martha Stewart Omnimedia founder Martha Stewart’s 500th show yesterday. From the press release: ”Conan joined Martha in the craft room to prepare the 272nd craft demonstrated on-set over the past three seasons, glittered eggs and a glittered ham! When commenting on the daytime time period that Martha’s show airs, Conan said: ‘This appearance today is a chance for my parents to see me on television, they watch Martha; they are not watching my show at 12:30 at night.”’

Former President Bill Clinton also appeared later in the show. Also this week: The Wired Blog noted that Martha Stewart has joined the scuffed-up Charlie Rose as fellow New York media heavyweight Mac Air Book owner/booster.

More behind the scenes pictures of Conan, Martha and President Clinton on The Martha Blog.

(image via Anders Krusberg/The Martha Stewart Show)