Compete in Multi-Table Tournaments in Poker Champions on Facebook

Poker ChampionsWhile there are a few casual poker titles available to play for free on Facebook, Socialinus’ Texas Holdem Poker Champions looks to offer something others don’t: large multi-table tournaments (MTTs), like those players would see while watching professional poker coverage on television (think the World Series of Poker). Poker Champions offers additional game modes as well, for users to play 24/7.

Gamers begin Poker Champions with a $2 million chip count, and can jump into games in the Ring Games and Sit-N-Go play modes. These modes offer tables with varying buy-in amounts and blinds, with Sit-N-Go tournaments requiring a minimum of five players and rewarding users with anywhere from a few thousand to a few million dollars in virtual chips for winning.

The game’s MTT mode features a calendar of upcoming events, and offers time windows for users to register for the tournament of their choosing. These tournaments have a buy-in of $1 million in chips, and prize pools starting at $200 million in chips. Rather than a winner coming from each table, these multi-table tournaments focus on a single, ultimate champion, who will have beaten out every other member of the tournament and earned those ultimate bragging rights.Poker ChampionsWhile playing, the game takes blinds automatically, and players are on a time limit each time their turn comes around. Users create the best hand possible using their two personal cards and the table’s up-to five cards, betting and bluffing their way to victory against their opponents.

The game offers an auto-rebuy feature to keep the game moving smoothly, as well as buttons that allow users to mark their move as a fold, check-or-fold, call or “call any,” even before their turn hits. Players can also chat with others in real-time, and will earn achievements and free chips for completing specific requirements in the game.

A specifically interesting feature allows users to record their previous hands and save them to an in-game library to view later. These videos allow users to analyze their play-style, and they’re accompanied by win probability percentages, so players can see exactly where a hand turned in their favor (or not).

Finally, the more players engage with Poker Champions, the more experience points and levels they’ll earn, which result in higher daily bonuses when players come back to the game each day.

Texas Holdem Poker Champions is available to play for free on Facebook.