Comedian Tig Notaro’s Cancer Prognosis is Good

Good news from earlier this week. If you’re on the Internet, which you clearly are, you likely heard of LA comedian Tig Notaro’s battle with cancer, after Louis C.K. announced he was releasing one of her standup performances on his website–in which she had just been diagnosed and was dealing with the news onstage.

The LA Times spoke with Notaro, who let everyone know her prognosis is quite good. She also apparently pantomimed the sound of her double mastectomy to reporter Deb Vankin. It sounds like this: “Broing!””Burrh-burrrruup!””Phweesh-Phwipt!”

Thankfully, again, her health is looking good now.

From the Times:

Notaro is relieved to say that her health prognosis is positive after the successful surgery; the cancer hasn’t spread. And it led to a communication from her estranged father. He read about her illness in the news.

“I found out through my aunt, that he found out,” she says. “But I haven’t talked to him yet.”

Standup special going instantly viral. Familial reconciliation. Cancer and double mastectomy’s are always horrific. But Notaro is definitely weathering the ordeal as well as humanly possible–and then some.

Photo: Bob Chamberlin