Come on and squeeze me like you do, I’m so in love with The Who…

Thanks to those who emailed to tell me that my song reference in the post below was not the Rolling Stones (especially a certain rock snob who oughta know better) – rest assured, fair readers, that it was a joke. Not only did I know that song was by “The Who,” I’m playing it right now, and there’s no escape from the music on the whole damn street. Have a little faith in your trusty blogger, friends, and I promise — you won’t get fooled again, no matter whose generation you’re talkin’ ’bout.

Oh yes, let’s get some media-related blog-synchronicity in here, shall we? This week’s NY mag has a frank piece by Kurt Andersen on still-new Time Inc. EIC John Huey. Let’s see, how did we once refer to Huey…?

The Good Old Boy of Time Inc. [NYMag]

“Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss” [FBNY]