Comcast Cashes Little Old Ladies’ Rent Checks

Most hated company in America strikes again


Today in Comcast Is the Worst news, the company doesn’t just ghostwrite politicians’ letters to the FCC and refer to its own customers as “a$$hole” — it also cashes checks that have nothing to do with its service, because why not?

From Albuquerque’s KRQE News 13 comes the story of Francis Wilson, a 79-year-old living on Social Security who accidentally enclosed her rent check when mailing her most recent Comcast cable bill.

What did the company do? It somehow cashed both even though the rent check wasn’t made out to Comcast…and reps didn’t respond to Wilson’s complaints until the local news team showed up.

A company spokesperson then told the news that “[this] happened because no employee ever touched the payments. The system is all automated,” though Comcast supposedly “reached out to the customer immediately.”

An hour after the news report first ran, Wilson got a refund.

Comcast employs too many agencies to count, but we wonder how the company measures ROI on that big PR spend. Once it merges with Time Warner Cable, the resulting behemoth won’t even need PR services because monopolies don’t care about their reputations…just ask Amazon.

Still, we cord-cutters do take some pleasure in not directly supporting the two most hated businesses in America.

(Pic via AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)

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