Coffitivity App Plays Coffe Shop Sounds as You Work

Struggling to find the perfect balance of noise and silence in your workplace? The Coffitivity app will play a carefully curated collection of coffee house sounds to keep coffee house writers focused no matter where they work.

You can even mix music from your smartphone while playing the background noise, creating your ideal virtual coffee shop environment. You can find it at the App Store or use the mobile-optimized site on Android phones. Check it out:

Research shows it’s pretty hard to be creative in a quiet space. And a loud workplace can be frustrating and distracting. But, the mix of calm and commotion in an environment like a coffee house is proven to be just what you need to get those creative juices flowing. Our team has delivered the vibe of a coffee shop right to your desktop, which means when your workspace just isn’t quite cutting it, we’ve got you covered.