Cocolico: A Green A Day Helps Keep Disaster Away


Just a quick nod to a site we’ve been enjoying recently. It’s Cocolico, a nicely designed, clean and simple destination with a really intuitive navigation layout, that hopes to share one piece of “green design” every day in a short, two page, broken down single paragraph with a couple of images. We like everything about it, even despite the inclusion of “Beta” in their logo. But we’ll let that slide, for now. Friday saw the inclusion of German furniture designer David Olschewski:

[He] has a passion for reuse products. The passion fertilized its imagination and yields into affordable and emotional design furniture. For instance, his Besenhocker (literally “broom stool”) is a chair is made of brushes. You sit on the chair for a while, your butt gets cleaner (at least has a chance to get cleaned).

Another example is his Sitzgruppe (“salon”), a set of chair for the living room and made out with a bathtub. The idea of reusing bathtubs might already be taken, but Olschewski extends it with this smart observation. Instead of doing an armchair, you have in fact a pair of armchairs plus an extra Roman-style stool for your legs or a third person. We guess he has a lot more ideas to unveil, but too bad, his catalog is rather small.