Cocktailing with the enemy: meeting The Three Wise Men

Red Wine 1061.jpgDecent red wine and a really nice Gewurtztraminer fueled this Fishbowler’s baptism into the finer points of hanging out with bloggerati. Arriving at Nick Denton’s pad last night, we quickly realized that guests of honor Ana Marie Cox, Andrew Sullivan, and Glenn Reynolds (whose mugs can be enjoyed here) were tractor beams sucking in the crowd (not to mention the oxygen; amazing what a shot of Charlie Rose will do to a person), so we decided to walk over and talk to Henry The Intern, who has more than a few minutes left of the 15-minute fame egg timer, apparently, because Tina Brown just adores the kid, and is as curious about him as he seems to be about her. And why not? Another blogger, obviously a veteran, advised this neophyte Fishbowler on the finer points of blogging: “It’s a drunk e-mail to a friend,” he said, taking another healthy swig of wine, adding that you had to treat your readers with a certain amount of “contempt.” Now, while we don’t agree with that, we did have a lovely time, and will come back if asked.