CNN Wire Store Is No More

CNNWireLogo.jpgThe CNN Wire Store, a commercial self-service online storefront for wire stories that launched last September, was shut down about six weeks ago, with no positions being eliminated.

It was launched as an extension of the news network’s subscription wire services, and its customers didn’t see the value in it, preferring the original offering. CNN Wire Store enabled customers to browse through selected articles, fill a cart for review, and download story content on-demand.

“We found that there was more value for our clients in the subscription CNN Wire service and are focused on that,” Nigel Pritchard of CNN Worldwide public relations said. “We closed it about six weeks ago.”

When CNN Wire Store launched in September 2009, Susan Grant, executive vice president of CNN News Services, said:

The expanded CNN Wire provides an opportunity for a new platform to make CNN Wire stories easily accessible and, for the first time, on a per-story basis to any publisher, anywhere on their own timetable. With the launch of the CNN Wire Store Web site, we’ve made our original journalism easily available to other publishers on demand.