CNN to Makeover Studio B

Today CNN’s DC Bureau bids farewell to Studio B.

In a memo from Washington Bureau Chief Sam Feist, CNNers learn that programs like “The Situation Room” will no longer be broadcast from that studio — at least not until the makeover is complete. In the meantime, Wolf Blitzer moves to the Red Conference Room on the eighth floor. The changes will take eight months. The end result will hopefully resemble the photograph above.

Feist wrote, Today’s broadcast of The Situation Room will be the last from Studio B.   The set is going dark tonight — the first step in the long process to renovate the bureau’s main studios.”

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Starting next week, the Sit Room will originate from corner of the eighth floor formerly known as the Red Conference Room.  JKUSA will broadcast from the Cap Set (John is missing the tearful send off from Studio B as his show is in New Hampshire tonight.) Beginning next weekend, State of the Union will use the Cap Set, and Reliable Sources will be on the eighth floor.  Guest shots and visiting anchors will rotate between the Cap Set, insert studios, Newsource or the newly revived CNN Espanol studio on 9. CNN Espanol’s broadcasts will continue to use the Cap Set.

The entire studio renovation project will take eight months.  Here is a brief timeline:

For the next month, studios A and B will be completely cleared.
From February through May, construction of the new studios’ “black box” will occur.
From May through July, the new sets, electronics and lighting will be installed.
August will allow for fine tuning and rehearsals, before the official launch of the studios immediately following the Democratic Convention at the beginning of September.
The big pay off comes on November 6, when CNN Election Night coverage will broadcast from the new CNN Election Center in the combined studios A and B.
We appreciate your patience as we get through the next few months. Have you ever wanted to peer into the future? An artist’s rendition of the future is below.