CNN Reporter Compares Disabled Cruise Ship to Hurricane Katrina

CNN reporter Martin Savidge, up until late last night, had successfully avoided all coverage of the tragedy that was Hurricane Katrina. That is the only explanation we can come up with for why Savidge compared the hurricane and its aftermath to what the people aboard the disabled cruise ship had to endure.

With a straight face, Savidge, interviewing a couple who were aboard the ship, said “The isolation factor you described, this is the same sort of thing that many people who went through Katrina in New Orleans — those that were left behind — they never heard anything either. I imagine it’s something very similar.” Right. Because having a bad vacation is definitely similar to over 1,500 people dying, some simply because of government incompetence.

Thankfully the couple insisted that there was no comparison, that Katrina was horrific. This was obviously news to Savidge, but we’re glad someone finally told him.