CNN Reaches for Ratings By Asking America to Deport One of Its Own

jose antonio vargasMeet Jose Antonio Vargas

This guy is one of the most brazen reporters today. Why? He has courage and temerity to do what few others of his ilk would even consider — he is willing to sacrifice his own residence in America for a greater cause.

As you can see from the picture above, he added to the “Dear God, give us ratings but really not a bad idea” juggernaut of the newly minted CNN FilmsDocumented.” In this amazing documentary, Vargas discloses even more details about living as an undocumented American journalist. More so, because in 2011, he put his stamp on the national immigration debate in The New York Times. 

And for his reward, CNN asked Twitter to deport him. Yes, really.

In one of the most brazen attempts for virality and cheap ratings, CNN used this compelling film and expose for one salient question:

Yes, to use your own crappy tagline, CNN: You went there.

This guy is sharing his soul about evading deportation (and will probably win another Pulitzer for doing it) and you tweet that?!

But wait, there’s more… sigh.

Vargas is a class act and a company man. Here is a quote making the rounds from BuzzFeed:

“I am grateful to CNN for airing this film and sparking a national conversation on immigration and family separation. At a time of political standstill, with reporters calling immigration reform, ‘dead,’ we gotta humanize this issue. Asking ‘JoseGo’ and ‘JoseStay’ is a way of asking my fellow Americans, ‘What do you want to do with me? What do you want to do with us?’”

Despite the tweet, making Vargas’ national status a trend and cash grab, and the “defense” of those actions, his documentary raises serious concerns and asks introspective questions. This is a guy living it. Whether “it” is the American Dream or just another nightmare in the system is left for you to decide.

Wise move — unlike those made by Jeff Zucker and his network.

Coincidentally, Vargas recently called CNN “credible” when telling Mediabistro why he chose the network to air the movie.