CNN Exec. Producer Michelle Jaconi Has Baby Boy (‘And a Cute One at That’)

CNN Executive Producer Michelle Jaconi welcomed a baby boy into the world on March 7. He’s Caleb Jaconi Hawe, and he was born a solid 8 lbs., 8 oz.  Somehow her other son, Lucca, believed that not only did his brother, but also toys, popped out of his mother’s tummy.

Welcome to the Fishbowl Caleb!

See the internal memo…From: Jaconi, Michelle
Subject: It’s a Boy! (And a cute one at that)

Bart and I are pleased to introduce our new son,

Caleb Jaconi Hawe
Born March 7, 2013
8lbs, 8 oz.

As for the family at large, big sister Kylie and big brother Lucca were circling the parking lot with their aunt and uncle, waiting for the long labor to finish, so they were pretty quick to arrive on the scene. The “baby” had big sister and big brother presents for Kylie (6) and Lucca (4) that were still on the floor when they walked into the delivery room.

Kylie was nonetheless transfixed with her new brother’s tiny feet and picking out his name.

Lucca, however — while indeed kissing the baby — was quickly taken by the Hot Wheels 5-pack he found on the floor.  “Mommy, what’s this present for?” he asked.

“You sweetie.  Your brother wanted to give it to you as he is so excited to be your little brother,” I explained.

Lucca beamed.  He then ran to his dad in the hallway and yelled, “Daddy! Daddy! A baby didn’t just come out of mommy’s tummy — toys did too! Mommy HAD HOT WHEELS in HER TUMMY!”