CNET: More Demand for Internet-Enabled TV Sets than 3D

An interesting nugget from CNET‘s Quick Guide to Internet TV, which debuted Tuesday: According to data from the CNET Purchase Process Study, conducted in October, demand for Internet-enabled TVs is 51 percent stronger than demand for 3D TVs.

The Quick Guide to Internet TV offers an overview of the technology, how it works, and how to use it, including a comparison of pay-per-view services; a look at subscriptions, free services, and extras; a guide to products that support Internet TV; and final recommendations from CNET editors.

CNET senior editor of home theater David Katzmaier said:

This year, I’ve seen more interest than ever in ways to get Internet-based video from sources like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and YouTube away from computer screens and onto TVs. While 3D TVs were the major technology advancement of 2010, the higher cost, lack of content, and awkward glasses have convinced most consumers to stay on the sidelines. Internet-connected TVs, however, are an affordable option that provides easy access to thousands of hours of on-demand video content.