Closing A Well-Known Watering Hole? Make A Documentary

(Outside Siberia: know the red light, or you may miss it)

Siberia, the mid-town Manhattan cave (read: bar) that served as a popular meet up spot for media folk, among others, has been closed since September 2007. Now the promo train is in full swing surrounding the documentary, Life After Dark: The Story of Siberia Bar.

Some choice PR-related quotes from Noelle Hancock’s New York magazine story on the launch party:

“The first time I went down into the basement I thought, How can there not be a body down there?” said author and book publicist Sloane Crosley. “It looked like Silence of the Lambs.”

Says former Page Six reporter Ian Spiegelman, “It’s where I went to forget that earlier that day I showed up to cover a party for Freddie Prinze Jr. and Freddie Prinze Jr.’s publicist told me that he wasn’t doing interviews.”

This PRNewser actually played the dive bar once with his band, and was told not to put up a flier outside the door. “But my un-hip friends won’t know how to find it,” I told the door man. “No fliers,” he sternly responded. In the New York bar/restaurant scene, sometimes the best PR is no PR.