Clipboard Lets You Embed Pieces Of Webpages

A new startup called Clipboard lets you snap pieces of websites and save a cached, embeddable version. Using the web app’s bookmarklet, you can enable the bookmark on any site, hover over an element you want to save, then publish it to the world. For example, below are three clips I’ve saved from The New York Times, LA Times and Atlantic’s website centerpieces:

As far as I can tell, because Clipboard is grabbing raw HTML, it can only capture grouped elements. That means that you can’t necessarily capture any part of a webpage, but chunks of code wrapped in a div or span or table. For example, in the LA Times embed above, you can see that their code structure doesn’t wrap the centerpiece in a div, but the whole left column is in a table; thus, I couldn’t grab just the image and summary of the top item.

I love this tool, especially for journalism or design, because it allows you to capture parts of websites in their original format, without having to take a screenshot. Static screenshots, being images, don’t always reflect parts of a page that you want to preserve — like hover effects or hyperlinks. Essentially, Clipboard is just one more way of documenting information in a web-friendly format.

They’re currently in public beta, but you can request an invitation here.