Cleavage-Hoisting Ball Gowns at


A question to posit this dreary, semi-snowy-at-least-for-D.C. afternoon:

Which of these quotes was the most disturbing moment today in the online chat with Richard Leiby of Reliable Source “fame”:

  1. “My editors here and I are unanimous on this point: WE WILL ALWAYS COVER THE TWINS.” [caps original]
  2. His repeated references to himself as “Your Mighty Quidnunc“?
  3. “If you’re planning a wild party with ‘house music,’ and a smoke machine, PLEASE PLEASE invite me.” [again, caps original]
  4. “Liz, please post of photo of your own Hot Self. Or at least your hot legs!”
  5. His use, at various times, of the phrases “props,” “one swingin’ cat,” and “cleavage-hoisting ball gowns.”

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