Class President Suspended For Tweet Criticizing High School Football Team

Thank goodness Twitter didn’t exist when you were in high school, hmm? If you’ve ever said or thought that, you’ll appreciate the COMPLETE ridiculousness of this story.

A class president at a high school in Kansas said something negative about his school’s football team and got suspended for the remainder of the year.

He didn’t swear. He didn’t threaten anyone. The tweet wasn’t violent. But it made other kids angry. Yeah, that’s really all it took. This is going on the Twit List, definitely.

We know you’re dying to know what he said in this high school career-ending tweet. Here it is:


“Heights U” is what players call themselves (not an official name) and WSU doesn’t have a football team – so neither exist. Oh, for the love of all things decent and moral what was he thinking to publicly make such a chilling comparison?!

Better question: What was the school thinking to suspend him?

According to the Huffington Post, “School officials said they suspended Teague for violating its student conduct code, which prohibits cyberbullying, according to KSN-TV.”

“The comments got several underclassmen upset, and they wanted to fight him,” USD 259 spokeswoman Susan Arensman told the station. “Some other students were suspended as well for trying to incite a disturbance at school.”

So, THAT makes sense. Suspend the class president because jocks want to beat him up. Guess “using your words” is discouraged at “Heights U.”

Here he talking a bit more about it. Do you think a suspension was the right way to go?

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