Claim Your Twitter Profile On Technorati

Technorati is an internet search engine for searching blog content. The site currently indexes over 112 million blogs and some 250 million pieces of social media.

If you’re a blogger, you probably already use Technorati. It’s a great way to get your content out into the great unknown. As more sites link to your blogs your ‘authority’ rises within Technorati. Blogs with very high authority rank well and get lots of extra traffic.

Now, you can add your Twitter profile to Technorati, too, which will likely lead to greater exposure and possibly more followers. Even if you’re not a blogger or don’t use Technorati, it might be worth opening an account to maximise your Twitter presence.

To claim your Twitter feed, follow these easy steps.

1. Log in to Technorati.

2. Claim a new blog.

3. Enter the full link to your Twitter profile in the URL box (i.e., mine is


4. Click on ‘begin claim’, and then copy the link exactly as it is within the HTML tag. To do this, highlight the text that begins after the first quote mark (“) with http:// and ends before the second quote mark (“). Then press CTRL and the C keys together, or right mouse click on the highlighted text and select ‘copy’.


5. Go to Twitter, and paste that link into tweet box by pressing CTRL and the V key together. You don’t need to put anything else here.


6. Submit the tweet.

7. Go back to Technorati, and click on ‘Complete Claim’.

8. You’re done. Now, if you like, you can go back to Twitter and delete your tweet, as it’s pretty useless to everybody else. (I highly recommend it. Keep Twitter tidy!)

That’s it. Give Technorati a few minutes and your Twitter profile should show up as claimed. Here’s mine. 🙂

UPDATE: While this definitely works, once your Twitter profile has been claimed it seems to not update on Technorati. It becomes ‘static’. That is, unless you routinely delete and re-claim it, it will always stay on the same number that you started. I’m not sure if pinging works, but if you click on your Twitter link within Technorati it comes back with ‘blog not found’. Very curious. I’ll continue to monitor and provide updates accordingly. 🙂