New Book Addresses ‘Jock and Jill Mentality’ of Sports Talk Radio

Beginning in 1996, C.J. Silas experienced more than her fair share of sexism while working around the country for various local and national sports talk radio outlets. So, after being laid off a few years ago from 1280 AM ESPN Radio in San Luis Obispo, she decided to write a book about her experiences.

In a move that is both refreshing and admirable, Silas has decided not to name names in No Girls Allowed: The Jock and Jill Mentality of Sports Broadcasting. Although she details specific experiences, she tells the San Luis Obispo Tribune that she wanted to both avoid legal trouble and the semblance of a sensational profiteer:

When she was on air, male coworkers attempted to humiliate her, playing clips of tennis player Monica Seles’s grunting or the sound of crickets chirping in the background whenever she spoke. And she was frequently ignored at meetings, even when she was the host or co-host of a show. ‘It wears on you when you have to battle every day to keep your emotions in check,” she wrote.

Intriguingly, LA native Silas was the PA announcer for a Toronto Blue Jays minor league team at the outset of her career and has done the same for the past seven years for Cal Poly’s men’s baseball team. Though a return to radio was not the motivating goal of the book, she says she is still open to the idea of returning to the sports talk radio airwaves.