CityVille, Badoo, Birthdays and Horoscopes on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Birthdays and horoscopes were popular on our list of Top 20 Growing Facebook Applications by daily active users this week, information we gather from AppData, our tracking service covering traffic for apps on Facebook. In addition there were several Connect apps that appeared on the list, apps in Turkish, games and an app to show you the activity on your Page were also on the list. Note that Facebook has been experiencing reporting delays since the 20th so this data is only a partial look at what’s been happening in the past week.

Top Gainers This Week

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. CityVille20,731,163+593,817+3%
2. Badoo2,935,517+377,217+15%
3. Birthday Calendar432,024+367,168+566%
4. The Fortune Teller1,008,448+348,027+53%
5. Windows Live Messenger13,864,879+291,448+2%
6. Daily Horoscope338,233+251,400+290%
7. Samsung Mobile1,740,558+149,584+9%
8. Car Town1,192,643+144,507+14%
9. HTC Sense4,572,071+137,166+3%
10. Monster Galaxy528,769+123,602+31%
11. Birthday reminder130,045+122,433+1,608%
12. Yahoo!6,393,107+113,116+2%
13. Ravenwood Fair1,159,160+95,216+9%
14. Birthday Cards476,861+88,352+23%
15. Gamers Unite!319,942+83,002+35%
16. Gourmet Ranch175,621+80,075+84%
17. Bubble Shooter81,754+75,921+1,302%
18. Who Loves You More125,787+74,955+147%
19. HootSuite104,536+69,411+198%
20. Komşu Çiftlik554,460+64,803+13%

Zynga’s CityVille topped the list after it grew by 593,800 DAU this week, representing 3% of its 20.7 million total. Dating app Badoo was second after seeing 377,200 DAU, pushing the app’s total to just under 3 million.

Third on the list was American Greetings’ Birthday Calendar, which saw 367,200 DAU this week; the app provides greeting cards for users to send to friends for birthdays and other holidays. Another app, Birthday Reminder, grew by 122,400 DAU; the app allows users to automatically post birthday greetings with a message and video to the Walls of their Facebook friends. Finally, RockYou’s Birthday Cards grew by 88,400 DAU; the app allows users to create a custom birthday or other card for their friends.

A few horoscope apps were on the list. The Fortune Teller, available in English or Turkish or German, grew by 348,000 DAU. Then there was Daily Horoscope which saw 251,400 DAU this week, with growth almost exclusive to Turkey. Who Loves You More is an app that shows users the Top Ten friends who interact with your profile, which grew by about 75,000 DAU.

Games in English, French and Turkish made up the rest of the list.