Citysearch: Each Item Shared Through Facebook Connect Generates 30 Clicks

citysearchfbcCitysearch, one of the first websites to launch Facebook Connect integration in beta last November, has rolled out its Facebook Connect integration to all users as part of a larger redesign effort to make Citysearch more social.

With Facebook Connect, users can login with their Facebook accounts on Citysearch and share their local reviews with Facebook friends through Facebook’s feed system. In addition, users see the reviews written by their Facebook friends at the top of the Citysearch listings.

How has the beta test gone? CEO Jay Herratti told Claire Cain Miller of the New York Times,

In the four months the site has been testing Facebook Connect, 94 percent of reviewers have published their reviews to Facebook, where an average of 40 people see them and 70 percent click back to Citysearch. That has translated into new members: daily registrations on Citysearch have tripled.


In other words, each item shared through Facebook Connect generates 40 impressions and 28 unique visitors – a lot of traffic per shared item. While it’s still too early to specifically characterize the value of that traffic in dollars, it’s very interesting to see how Facebook is generating traffic to content sites. Facebook drove more traffic to Perez Hilton than Google in January, and is sending traffic to video sites with Facebook Connect as well.