City Room Moving To Print


The New York TimesCity Room blog will soon make the jump to print, according to the Observer. Leon Neyfakh spoke with Patrick LaForge of the Times:

“There are a lot of people who read the print section who just aren’t aware of how much is available on the Web,” Mr. LaForge said. “A lot of that stuff doesn’t get in the paper. So how can we tell readers, ‘Hey, you might want to go check some of this out’?” Mock-up pages for the paper version of City Room have been printed up; one among them had “City Room” printed across the top and an assortment of items pulled from the blog arranged below. (Mr. LaForge stressed that any mock-up at this stage should be considered “very preliminary,” and that Metro editor Joe Sexton “has not signed off on anything.” Mr. Sexton declined to comment.)

To the best of our understanding, the Times City Room reporters and bloggers are all full-time employees, which means pay scales would not be effected too much by the web-to-print jump.