City Paper Taps Beaujon as ME

Eric Wemple announced to the staff of the Washington City Paper today that Andrew Beaujon as its new managing editor. Beaujon is a long-time contributor to the arts section of the paper, and, in Wemple’s words, “figures among those who intuitively channel our sensibility.”

“His credentials for this position are overwhelming. First things first: He scored an unprecedented 26 or 27 on the Washington City Paper Copy Test. (Lack of an exact score is attributable to whims of the Washington City Paper Copy Test Grader.) That score is an order of magnitude or two better than any other score that’s ever been turned in, including the highly respectable 12 of yours truly,”

Beaujon was an acting ME and copy chief at Spin magazine, as well as a copy editor at He’ll telecommute from Richmond for the time being off deadline until he moves closer.