City Paper Seeks ‘Silky Writer’ With Awkward Job Ad

It’s one thing for Washington City Paper to seek a “silky writer” for a column called “Loose Lips.” But it’s quite another to seek said writer with the following awkward ad:

Loose Lips
Washington City Paper is looking for an silky writer and keen thinking to take over its marquee political column. For two decades, Loose Lips has been a must-read for anyone who follows local politics and government in the District of Columbia. We’re looking for a scoop machine who feels equally comfortable reporting breaking news, opining about campaign developments, memorably lampooning local politics blowhards, and diligently ferreting out the secret contracts they steer to their cronies. Responsibilities include a weekly column, a daily aggregated email catching readers up on the day’s local political headlines, tending to a high-profile blog — and attending many political fundraisers, Advisory Neighborhood Commission hearings, and campaign rallies as it takes to dominate coverage of D.C. politics. Please find further requirements and application process at Washington City Paper classifieds. Search job number 05082010LL to apply to this position.

The newspaper lists the ad in the back of the paper in the Classifieds with the same “an silky” approach that it does on page 30.