City Paper Examines Glasser’s Tenure

…and it ain’t pretty.

Choice quotes about the Washington Post’s National Editor Susan Glasser:

  • “Yes, Glasser is a smart newswoman, but she’s really distinguishing herself with bad management. Washington City Paper should have listened more closely to the various sources who cast her as a train wreck.”

  • “Glasser’s detractors have recently found a more attentive ear. This winter, Tom Wilkinson, a veteran editor at the Post, conducted a series of interviews with national staffers under Glasser’s supervision. … Wilkinson in late March circulated a written report that is allegedly critical of Glasser to a short list of Post managers.”

  • “With an assist from Chandrasekaran, Glasser has a vision for the stories that her people should be covering, and sometimes other views have trouble sneaking into the mix. Post Ombudsman Deborah Howell addressed this very point in a March 23 column detailing how the paper’s national desk–as well as Metro–turned down a staffer’s pitch to get a jump on the story about the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright.” (ed. note: Wow, way to go Deb!)

  • “Cultural clashes, however, don’t figure as prominently in the Glasser indictment as do attitude and arrogance. When contacted for this story, two of her colleagues volunteered the same observation: In meetings, Glasser goes out of her way to make clear that she’s the top expert on the issue at hand, whatever the issue may be.”

  • “Big shots at the Post, though, worry about sustainable agriculture. If Glasser is pissing off people as central to the brand as Milbank, how far is the section from a brain drain that’ll hurt the product?”

    Read the whole thing here.