City of Bristol Considers Creating a Banksy Registry

Last Friday, we posted about the latest in a long string of people accidentally painting over beloved and, perhaps more important, very valuable street art by the international renowned Banksy, believing them to be pieces of mere regular-graffiti instead of graffiti-that-could-pay-off-your-mortgage. In that last post, we came up with the idea of selling a listing of all known Banksy work to local business, so they wouldn’t be making a million dollar mistake. The city of Bristol, the artist’s hometown, apparently reads our blog and thinks we’re brilliant because according to this story filed by the BBC, they’re planning to do just that. Or rather, a variation (the city seems less greedy than we). A city councilor has introduced a plan that would create a register of all valuable pieces of street art that “people could consult it before they did work on a building, and have a look and see if it was of any value before they get the emulsion out.” Furthermore, the plan would also call for getting permission by the city to alter any work if it appeared in the list. Though the plan still has to pass a vote to get enacted, it seems like a solid idea. Though also perhaps a bit counter to all of what street art is about in a way, isn’t it? Once you have the city council on board, doesn’t that lessen a bit of the edge?

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