City Loan Explains How Using Digital Marketing Tools When Moving Your Business Leads to Success

Understanding the importance of digital marketing is growing increasingly important for companies like City Loan. Long Beach was the title loan company’s first home and has remained their headquarters for several years. However, continued success has given the company an impressive boost of success – leading to expansion far beyond Long Beach. Locations are now in full force in areas such as New Mexico and Texas. And this expansion will continue pushing forward, eventually heading to Missouri and Utah.

Most businesses today have utilized digital and online marketing. After all, let’s be honest – online marketing is the key to moving any business forward. Without an effective online advertising and marketing plan, a business is dead in the water. This imperative nature is even more critical for businesses that have either moved or have expanded.

How can a business either on the move or expanding to new locations hope to make a splash in these new spots? From an online marketing perspective, a number of effective tips can help make the transition easier. And this information serves an especially crucial purpose when a business is first starting out in a new location.

According to marketing expert Shelley Seale of The Guardian, there are a few tried-and-true techniques for digital marketing that yield positive results. As she reports, the digital age still presents a challenge for some marketing departments. But the truth remains – without an online strategy, there’s no hope for continued success.

As Seale explained, “The digital landscape of today often either scares off marketing professionals who feel they aren’t high-tech enough to implement a successful online strategy – or tempts them to leap into the complicated but fancy world of high-tech CRM. The reality lies somewhere in the middle. A good digital marketing plan isn’t difficult, but it relies on a foundation of basic tools.”

Which tools will maximize the success potential for businesses that have recently moved or expanded? The most important piece of the puzzle relates to brand image, identification, and consistency. Without an understanding of a company’s brand, how can consumers recognize the importance (and effectiveness) of a good or service?

“What is the story you are telling your customers?,” Seale wrote. “Understanding what your brand stands for is the north star that should guide all your online activities.”

In her Guardian post, Seale also referenced Matthew Childs, the Senior Vice President of famed advertising agency GSD&M. Childs said that your brand’s primary vision or goal must remain the guiding force in online ranking and SEO strategies. Without this vision, a brand identity can easily become muddled online.

As Seale continued, “Your digital design and content should be consistent in clearly identifying your brand across all channels, including website, mobile apps, social networks and email.”

Additional Digital Marketing Tools

Beyond branding, businesses should pursue a few more important steps to ensure they’re accessible and available in new or expanded markets. Check out these four essential tips from business site for the best results:

1. Understand the Demographic

Recognizing the ‘where and when’ of a business location makes complete sense for a title loan service such as City Loan. Long Beach has remained the central location for City Loan for quite some time. But the company is aggressively expanding – and actively working to know the prospective customers who will eventually be served.

“Prior to our expansion, we worked with local agencies to understand our new client-base,” a City Loan representative recently stated. “We learned what our prospective customers needed, and it’s precisely what we’re bringing to the areas where we’ve expanded.”

As the success story of City Loan has clearly shown, there’s a simple rule to expansion or relocation in business: learn about the demographic and work to target them directly.

2. Utilize Social Media

Everyone knows the power and influence of social media in all aspects of life. From Facebook to Twitter, social media is the best way to connect to one another. What better way can a business hope to get the word out to potential customers than with social media? Advertising a move, relocation or expansion can help reach new audiences, create a buzz, and make an impact. And these initiatives will play a big role in advertising and promotion.

3. Throw a Grand Opening

Who says you can’t mix business with fun sometimes? Advertise a new location by throwing a party for it. Smart businesses can get local press by advertising and throwing a major event for the grand opening of the location.

4. Utilize Location-Based Sites and Services

Finally, location-based services can add even more potential to relocated or expanded businesses. Sites like Four Square and Groupon showcase businesses based on their locations. Making an impact on these sites can boost a moving or expanded business better than almost any other online resource.

Getting Up On Your Feet

Gaining a firm understanding of digital and online marketing serves as one of the most important aspects of a company’s expansion or relocation. These important bits of advice have served many businesses very well – including City Loan. Long Beach helped build the company, and effective online marketing will help propel the company (and others with the same mindset) to the next level of success.