Circus Recap: Best Of Gary Vaynerchuk

For those who missed out on Gary Vaynerchuk’s presentation, here’s the best of the best quotes and videos, culled from Twitter:

“I’m not happy I pay $6 a month for Lifetime Channel”

“If your co-workers don’t care [about social media], fire them.”

“I don’t do anything I do to make money. I do it to make my parents proud and because I like the game.”

“Passion beats the $&@! out of skill every time.”

“If you’re an Eskimo, don’t try to be an elephant….I don’t even know what that means.”

“Don’t get me started on television. Those Nielsen ratings are HORSESHIT.”

“Dude, talk about what you love and I will pay you cash.”

And some reactions:
@adrianmanzano: got to meet @garyvee vaynerchuk at the #mediabistro event. intense focus in his eyes. He’s with you 100%. Excellent speaker. good soul.

@webmetricsguru: MediaBistro Career Circus is pretty good, @garyvee is in great form, wish they’d let him go on even longer.

@kristentate: For the record, @garyvee does a terrible southern accent.

@MightyCasey: @garyvee dude, you are the KING of hustle. can’t wait to see what’s next.