Chronicle Publishes ‘Unhappy Hipsters’ Book, It’s Lonely in the Modern World

Remember back in the very early days of 2010 when Unhappy Hipsters caught the world by storm? The site, which re-purposed photographs taken for magazines like Dwell by captioning them with funny quotes about the tragic ennui suffered by wealthy modernists. Not only was the site wildly popular online, with links galore, it even made it into Psychology Today, which tried to get to the bottom of why all these modernism-loving people were just so darn sad. Now, as these things tend to happen anymore, the Tumblr site has been turned into a book, published by Chronicle and entitled It’s Lonely in the Modern World. Instead of simply going the easy route and essentially copying the site with photos and captions, co-founders Molly Jane Quinn and Jenna Talbott write pieces of advice on “how to navigate the vast array of concrete finishes and plywood grades, accessorize with children and pets, opine with authority on rooflines,” accompanying the funny captions underneath all those photos of sad modernness (here’s a scan of two pages, so you can see for yourself). Apartment Therapy has a nice, quick review of the book, which they describe as having an “extra-dry brand of design-centric humor.”