Inside Chris March’s Madly Fashionable World

You may know Chris March from season four of Project Runway, when he stole the show with bold designs, snappy yet endearing one-liners, and innovative materials (who needs traditional textiles when you have human hair?). Since then, the San Francisco native has kept busy designing outrageous costumes and one-off creations for everyone from Cirque de Soleil performers to Meryl Streep, who wore a Chris March-designed dress to last year’s Academy Awards. His latest project is Mad Fashion, a new Bravo series that follows March and his colorful crew as they create custom ensembles for the likes of actress Jennifer Coolidge, shoe designer Ruthie Davis, and, on tomorrow’s episode, New York nightlife promoter Susanne Bartsch. We sat down with March recently for Media Beat, and in this first segment of our three-part interview, he offers us a peek inside his creative process and his New York-based design studio, and reveals the secret that is hidden in all of his designs.

You can also view this video on YouTube.

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Part 3: Wednesday, March talks about his start in the fashion biz.