WaPo ‘The Fix’s Chris Cillizza Chooses Flight Over Fight With Breitbart Scribe

There’s probably no love lost between Breitbart News‘ Tony Lee and WaPo “The Fix’s” Chris Cillizza, because there was probably no love there to begin with.

Last night Lee, lover of all things Sarah Palin, shot off tweets aimed at Cillizza. They were in response to a comment Cillizza made about Palin being unable to “let criticism roll off her back.”

“Says thin-skinned MSMer,” Lee chimed in. Cillizza didn’t respond, but why should that matter to Lee? Palin’s biggest fan boy continued:

  • WTF do u want Palin to do? Not call y’all/GOP [establishment] out on groupThink, packMentality, spoonFed, cocktailCircuitSpin/bullying? Child, please.
  • Sorry the 5 GOP consultants y’all pass around to “report” on conservatives like I would on gymnastics don’t defend her. Tea Party does.
  • Sorry if criticism was too harsh. Hope u can let it roll off your back. Palin can’t call her GOP [establishment] office so she has to defend herself.
  • Just remember, [Cillizza] accused Palin/tea party without any evidence of being responsible for Giffords shooting. Won’t be forgotten. Capeash?

Lee couldn’t point to any specific time Cillizza accused Palin or the Tea Party of being responsible for the Gabby Giffords shooting. In fact, in a column last year Cillizza wrote that “many on the left unfairly blamed Palin for somehow inciting the gunman.”

But there was a dash of irony: “In a funny/pathetic development, [Cillizza] has blocked me after 5 mild tweets after he said Palin can’t take criticism,” Lee tweeted, with the hashtag #pobrecita (Spanish for “poor thing”).

We asked Cillizza if he blocked Lee because of the criticism, and why not engage in an argument like his colleagues, professional arguers Greg Sargent and Jennifer Rubin. Cillizza never responded, which is usually the case unless he wants something or wants Politics & Pints trivia night info published.

Lee, on the other hand, had a lot to say. “He blocked me because the truth hurts,” Lee said. “People like [Cillizza] mistake conventional wisdom for intelligence like people in D.C. often mistake activity for achievement… Palin can’t win when The Fix (pun intended) is in against her.”

As to why Cillizza didn’t argue back instead of blocking, Lee said, “People like [Cillizza] are MSM bullies who gang up on people like Palin because it’s cool to do so in their elite media circles.” He added, “When he got figuratively punched in the nose and called out, his first instinct — like with all bullies — was to to run away (or block).”