Chris Brogan on PR: “It’s about getting to know me before you fart in my face”


We don’t know social media strategist and Podcamp founder Chris Brogan, per se, but we do follow his blog from time to time.

And today, we came across a particularly interesting (and funny) post (thanks Brian Solis!)about a PR pitch he received. The pitch came from CellSpin, asking Chris to embargo news until 9AM ET tomorrow.

Well it certainly rubbed him the wrong way, and he included in his response one of the best one liners we’ve seen recently: “It’s about getting to know me before you fart in my face.”

To be sure, we here at PRNewser won’t claim innocence from never having farted in one’s face, however do try and avoid it at all costs.

Truth is, it’s impossible to get to know every reporter, but that is not the only point. As Chris states, “Please at least PRETEND you know me, give a rat’s ass about me, read my stupid little blog. Don’t just lob something over the wall at me. Because hey, I’m doing something over here, and I’m actually reaching out to potential people in your space…”

Now we’re not advocating being fake to people, but someting simple like, “Hey, I saw your post on this, and I thought you’d be interested in my client, who does this,” will go a long way into making your pitch stand out.