Chloe Sevigny Exits Greenwich Village

ShutterstockChloeSevignyA couple of fun media strands to note in Marlow Stern’s solid Daily Beast Q&A with actress Chloe Sevigny, whose Amazon series The Cosmopolitans debuts August 28.

Shortly after departing SoHo restaurant Balthazar, where she had sat down last week for lunch with the reporter, Sevigny was snapped and her outfit turned into a Daily Mail summer item. Meanwhile, the woman whose personal New York scene was once celebrated in the pages of The New Yorker by Jay McInerney has made a decision on that front; one that some other media coverage didn’t quite prepare her for:

“[I moved to Brooklyn] two weeks ago. I just sold my apartment a year ago. After ten years of living in the East Village, I was on 10th St. between 2nd and 3rd, I was like, “Get me the fuck out of here.”

“I was looking around a lot in Manhattan, but the prices were exorbitant. And then I looked in Brooklyn, and I didn’t want to live in “hip” Brooklyn, so I moved out to the dorkiest, hokiest neighborhood – Park Slope — and I’m really feeling the vibes out there. But the flight patterns out there are constant. I’d read a bit about it in the New York Times, but I didn’t realize how bad it was ‘til I moved out there — planes constantly buzzing overhead.

Sevigny goes on to bemoan, in more detail, the sad state of her beloved East Village. She also shares info about her intriguing new book project with Rizzoli.

Read the fully Daily Beast conversation here.

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