Chinese, FrontierVille, Social Statistics and Connect on This Week’s Fastest Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

There were six apps on our list of fastest growing Facebook apps by daily active users this week that are in Chinese. We gather this information from our AppData service, which shows that, in addition to the Chinese apps, there were several games and Connect apps on the list this week, too.

Top Gainers This Week

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Social Statistics1,165,998+1,109,975+1,981%
2. Windows Live Messenger13,515,085+335,665+3%
3. FrontierVille5,734,936+322,579+6%
4. ibibo.com286,084+250,515+704%
5. Diner Dash213,565+201,712+1,702%
6. 德州撲克(中文版)611,938+188,796+45%
7. 開心水族箱1,220,579+154,296+14%
8. HTC Sense4,394,997+136,356+3%
9. Phrases1,678,939+134,559+9%
10. 小小戰爭761,483+126,242+20%
11. 開心農場1,122,001+118,950+12%
12. @Hearts579,221+98,873+21%
13. Matrak Sorular128,529+95,868+294%
14. Ravenwood Fair1,054,787+92,948+10%
15. FarmVille 中文版470,632+92,152+24%
16. Prosperous New Year To All My Friends 🙂217,492+88,674+69%
17. Grooveshark157,526+88,002+127%
18. Resort World510,136+86,595+20%
19. 2011星座運勢103,999+82,816+391%
20. Persian’s Daily Clip137,461+82,719+151%

Most of the Chinese apps were games, although there was also a horoscope app. There was 德州撲克(中文版), the Chinese version of Texas Hold’em, which grew by about 188,800 DAUs, 開心水族箱 (Happy Aquarium) with 154,300 users, 小小戰爭 (Little War) with 126,200, 開心農場 (Happy Farm) with 119,000 along with the Chinese version of Farmville, which only added 92,200 and 2011星座運勢 the horoscope app for 2011 added 82,800 DAUs.

Social Statistics, an app that counts the top 10 people who are your “fans” on your profile and then publishes this to your stream, spiked in usage in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. The app grew by over 1.1 million DAUs. Other notable apps were Zynga’s FronterVille with 322,600 new DAUs, Dinner Dash with 201,700, Turkish Matrak Sorular (Funny Qs) which grew by 95,900 and Ravenwood Fair with about 93,000 new DAUs.

Phrases continues to grow, despite not being available to U.S. users, with an increase of 134,600 DAUs this week. Two holiday-related apps were on the list. The @Hearts app, which allows users to send hearts to friends on Facebook saw 98,900 DAUs and the Prosperous New Year To All My Friends app grew by 88,700 DAUs.

There were also a few Connect apps, Grooveshark with 88,000 new users and with 250,500.