Cherukuri Named Roll Call Associate Publisher

Laurie Battaglia today announced that Peter Cherukuri will join Roll Call Group as Associate Publisher/Vice President on Aug. 15. This is a new position.

“In his role, Peter will oversee the sales and marketing activities for the Group, and he’ll assist with the overall management and growth strategies of our businesses,” Battaglia wrote in a staff email.

Currently, Cherukuri is with The Magazine Group, where he serves as Vice President of Marketing and General Manager for Washington Flyer magazine. Cherukuri also previously worked at Congressional Quarterly and National Journal.

Two questions:

Is this new position a reflection of how competitive the ad sales market is for Capitol Hill publications:

Where does this leave Washington Flyer, which also recently lost Kenny Day within the past year?

>UPDATE: Cherukuri writes in: “Washington Flyer is doing better than ever and it’s largely due to Nick Yaeger the associate publisher. Nick is continuing on with the publication with increased responsibilities and resources and my departure will have little or no affect on either his success or that of the publication.”