LA Times Amps Up Poet’s Anti-Awesome Campaign

Although LA Times reporter Gale Holland failed to be convinced by Echo Park journalist, author and poet John Tottenham (pictured) that the word “awesome” should be banned from popular use, there’s no doubt her interview feature last week did an awesome job of shining a light on his efforts. The strand was picked up two days later by the Daily Mail and again this afternoon in the form of an interview on KPCC with Patt Morrison.

Expect to hear a lot more in the coming days about Tottenham’s Campaign to Stamp Out Awesome, or CPSOA for short. Ground zero for the effort, as Holland noted, is the LA bookstore Stories, where Tottenham also works.

The crusading poet faces an uphill battle, with his dreaded term equally embedded in the media lexicon. Among the outlets relying on the A-word this afternoon for article headlines are, The A.V. Club and Patch.

Our favorite LA Times reader comment is one from trevor1331. He argues that in order for him to get behind Tottenham’s attempts to wipe out the surfer slang, the transplanted Brit must “first eradicate the British use of “brilliant” to describe everything from a mediocre pasta meal to the Second Coming of Christ.”

Ha ha. One thing’s for sure; neither word currently applies to Tottenham’s WordPress bio page.

[Photo source: @JohnTottenham]