Chartboost reveals three new tools for targeting and engaging mobile gamers


Mobile game discovery and monetization platform Chartboost has announced the release of three new products, all aimed at helping developers target and re-engage users through a single platform and dashboard. The products, Post-Install Analytics (PIA), Retargeting and Newsfeed are designed for mobile game developers, and focus on providing all of the information a developer needs to make their game(s) a lasting success.

With Post-Install Analytics, developers can track user activity and engagement after they’ve installed a game. Platform reports show developers data on session length, in-app purchases, average revenue per user, and one to seven day retention rates.

Using this data, the Retargeting tool allows developers to target groups of non-paying players in an attempt to convert them into paying users, or can specifically target already paying customers to keep them coming back (and in theory, keep them spending). Developers can create custom player segments based on session frequency, last login, session length, and device as well. The tool supports deep-linking to drive uses to specific locations within games.

Finally, the Newsfeed tool gives developers access to an in-app messaging system. These in-app message boards allow developers to have instant communication with users, generating awareness and interest in new app content updates, for instance. The messages can be used to advertise sales or even other apps in the developer’s catalog, with options for both slide-in message banners and a persistent message feed. These, says Chartboost, are better options than standard push-notifications, which are often ignored or forgotten.

Newsfeeds can be customized with images, countdown timers, calls-to-action and more to create as in-depth an experience as the developer desires.

“Chartboost is committed to providing mobile game developers with the tools and insights to create campaigns that drive high ROI and solve for their in-game business goals,” said Maria Alegre, CEO and co-founder of Chartboost. “For the last three years we’ve been focused on creating the best discovery and monetization platform for mobile games, so with the release of these new products we’re building more business efficient and robust solutions for mobile game developers looking to engage, retain and grow.”

PIA and Newsfeed are now available in free public beta on iOS, with the former also being available on Android. Newsfeed’s Android support is coming soon. Meanwhile, Retargeting is in closed beta testing, and will run on a cost per click basis. It will launch later this year for advertisers who sign up for early access.

More information on these three new products is available on Chartboost’s website.