Chartboost Launches 3 New Tools to Aid Mobile Game Developers With Data

Chartboost, a mobile game discovery and monetization platform, announced Thursday the addition of three new products to help mobile game developers grow with data.

Chartboost, a mobile game discovery and monetization platform, announced Thursday the addition of three new products to help mobile game developers grow with data.

First is Smartbid, a campaign type that accepts third-party attribution data. Next, Chartboost announced Post Install Analytics, giving developers deeper insights into how games are performing after the person has installed the app. Lastly, Chartboost launched Mediation Support for publishers seeking an increase in revenue.

Chartboost Chief Revenue Officer Clay Kellogg and Chief Product Officer Chung-Man Tam discussed these new tools with SocialTimes:

We’re thrilled to announce these new products because they will further Chartboost’s mission of equipping developers of all sizes with the tools they need to harness the power of their first party data. Leveraging this data will help maximize revenue opportunities and ultimately build a more efficient business, allowing developers to focus on what matters most: building great games.

Chartboost described the three new products in a blog post.

Smartbid accepts 3rd party attribution data and optimizes towards targeted CPIs


This new campaign type is optimized towards a target Cost Per Install (CPI) using third-party attribution data. These third-party attribution platforms provide the necessary tools to apply last-click attribution and have a consistent claim window across channels. We’ve built new endpoints to accept this data in a secure way — and we are happy to announce that Tune, Adjust, Kochava and Appsflyer are now integrated partners.

Segments are defined using PIA data

Post Install Analytics:

With the debut of Post-Install Analytics (PIA), advertisers and publishers who share their data with Chartboost will make even more informed decisions about how to acquire and monetize your audiences. We’ve built the technology to receive session and purchase events, directly from developers or through third parties, to generate the most critical metrics to the business of mobile games.

Mediation Support:

For advertising supported games, we know that the larger you get, the harder it is to manage and optimize your inventory. Mediation layers help create a waterfall across your chosen advertising networks to guarantee fill and maximize revenues.

In an effort to make it easier for developers to include the value of Chartboost in your existing waterfall, we’re now working with the three most popular mediation partners: Fyber, Heyzap, MoPub. Integration for Fyber and Heyzap are available right now, with MoPub integration coming shortly.

Rex Ng, President of 6waves, discussed how Post Install Analytics has already helped the company:

Chartboost Post-Install Analytics has been instrumental in optimizing our campaigns by gaining actionable insights into player engagement and in-app purchase behavior. With PIA, we’ve been able to double the ROI of our player acquisition campaigns.