ChannelCaster: Flipboard-like Social News Experience on an Android Phone or Tablet

Flipboard on the iPad might be the most useful news aggregation tools because of its curation mix of conventional (editors at news and blog sites) and personal (people you friend and follow at Facebook and Twitter). Flipboard takes links and content from Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds to create a magazine-like view that lets you quickly scan through news from a variety of sources. ChannelCaster looks like a good alternative to Flipboard if you use an Android phone or tablet.

ChannelCaster provides an attractive tiled view of various news channels. Like Flipboard, ChannelCaster displays information about the source of the news item. This is especially interesting for Twitter and Facebook feeds. It lets you know who shared the information.

ChannelCaster is useful right away by using the pre-defined channels and social network ties (Facebook and Twitter). However, custom channels can also be created. This requires creating a profile first. You can, if you wish, share a custom channel with other ChannelCaster users. I was surprised that the tiled news views looked reasonably good on a small Android phone display. I can imagine, however, that it would look much better on the larger screen of an Android tablet.

You can find this free app in the Android Market at:

ChannelCaster: Social News

Although the app is somewhat large (4MB), it can be relocated to an SD card.